Kill The Lights

28 Oct 2011

Miniature - “Teacup” - Dogs

I’ve seen a bunch of people on my dash reblogging pictures of adorable miniature animals. However, I think it’s rather important to point out that breeding for miniaturism is incredibly dangerous. These so-called “teacup” dogs are the result of unscrupulus breeders, and they have intense health problems; many of them are too small to even be able to safely take veterinary medicine, and their bones are incredibly fragile. Even if they stay healthy, their general lifespans are much shorter than their breed standards. Buying a Teacup dog is more likely to lead to bills and heartbreak than anything.

If you want a small dog, look into breeds that are typically small, and either look into shelter animals or find a highly reputable breeder. You’ll be much more likely to have a healthy, happy dog.

If you think Teacup dogs are the only way to go because they’re cute, then you seriously should not get a dog. Animals are living beings, with personalities and intelligence. Imagine breeding a human for the tiniest, unhealthiest possible result - because it’d be cute!

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