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5 May 2012

Jellyneo’s Wardrobe Is Now Open!

After over four years in progress (yeah, it’s been that long @_@), we’ve now officially released our Wardrobe department in full. While our Wearable Previews have been activated for a while now, that only allowed you to see one item at a time. Now the interactive department allows you to design all sorts of outfits, save them (name them!), share them, look up the items in the IDB, add to your wishlist, play around with other users outfits, etc. The official newspost is here!

The main hub also shows the latest wearable items we’ve got data for, general wearable news, and a ‘carousel’ (Which will vary) of premade outfits you can play around with, including several NC-free suggestions.

Here’s one of my favourites - now I just need the pet!

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